Münsters' Ambassador Talk

'Emerging country' under this motto the 15th Münsters' Ambassador Talk took place on the 11th May 2017 in Münster, Germany. This time the main role played the topic of Armenia and its neighboring countries. The Ambassador Ashot Smbatyan talked about the changes in Armenia and its possible future.


Does the future of Armenia mean Europe? Or maybe Russia? In which direction are the Caucasus countries developing? Those questions were answered by the Armenian Ambassador in Germany - Ashot Smbatyan who took part in the 15th Münsters' Ambassador Talk organized by the student fraternity Corps Rheno Guestphalia. During the two days visit in Münster Smbatyan was discussing the future of his country with the students. His visit took place couple of weeks after the elections in Armenia, which changed the political system in this country. Armenia went away from the presidential into the parliamental system. This step might be taken in the direction of Europe.


During the speech 'Emerging country' Smbatyan was also talking about the two main issues which bothers Armenian society nowadays - the conflict with Azerbaijan about Nagorno-Karabakh region and the Armenian Genocide from 1915 which still is not accepted by some countries. For this reason it was necessary to explain the relations between Armenia and its neighboring countries - especially with Turkey.


The Ambassador discussed those important issues with local students and guests from Berlin. He also visited the Municipality of Münster, Münster University and Deutsche Hochschule der Polizei (German Police University).


The future of Europe is not really clear. The political situation in many countries is changing, together with them the leaders. The UK is going out of EU while the others dream about the membership. The relationship between some of the nations can be complicated (Ukraine-Russia) and between the others more cooperative (Armenia-Russia). One question stays - what is the future of the European Union and which countries will choose this direction.



Daria Jaranowska